7 Tips for an unforgettable pet birthday

Aug 21 2022

7 Tips for an unforgettable pet birthday

Your dog or cat is much more than an animal: it is a member of the family. Other family members celebrate their birthday every year, so why not our pets? With nice snacks, cheerful activities and visitors on the floor you can organize a real party for your party animal!

Gifts for your dog or cat birthday

A birthday is a perfect time to buy that beautiful scratching post or beautiful collar. Or surprise the furry birthday boy with fun toys. Check this blog why that is a good idea anyway!

A themed party

With a theme party you really unpack. Is your dog a tomboy who prefers to run across the field all day long? Then celebrate the party at the dog walking field. If your cat loves to cuddle, put pillows everywhere and enjoy a relaxed diaper party.

Save the date

The next step are the invitations. If you have a dog, you can invite all of his canine friends. Cats find visits from their congeners less pleasant. Is your dog or cat not so fond of visitors? Keep the party small or private.

Festive dog snacks and cat treats

Especially on his birthday you want the best dog snacks or cat treats for the birthday boy or girl. But if you really want to unpack, spoil your dog with a delicious dog cake! You can spoil your cat with delicious chocolates or by making a festive cake from a tub of wet food. A chew bone for the dog or kitten treats are also a good idea!

Photos as memories

Make it a party you will never forget with super fun photos of the birthday boy or girl. Create a small studio with fun props (and some dog biscuits and cat snacks to distract the furry friends for a few seconds) and click! Read here photography tips for your pet.

Pet-friendly games for everyone

Of course your dog or cat will not sit still all afternoon to chat. It's much more fun to play games. Play candy hide-and-seek with your dog or cat or go fetch or frisbee with the dog pack.

Quality post-party time

When everyone's out the door, it's time for some extra quality time. First give your dog or cat the best dog food or the best cat food and go play or cuddle with him for an hour. Take a brisk walk with the dog or let your cat have a blast with some catnip. This is how you end the festive day with a (animal-friendly) 'bang'!