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Like you, we are Pet Parents too. We understand the importance of good nutrition for your friend. Natural ingredients, lots of protein and super tasty.

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Easily digestible, therefore good for the tummy. And a happy tummy is a happy pet!

No fuss

Real treats packed with naturally healthy ingredients. So tasty that you'd almost eat it yourself!

Made with love

Irresistible flavours which will make that tail wag and that body turn happy circles.


Did you know that we are the #1 in dog snacks in the Netherlands? Which naturally makes us super proud, but we have more! Our fresh meals and hypoallergenic biscuits are also delicious and worth discovering.


Picky proof or kitty proof? Our new deli line has been extensively tested on a whole bunch of picky cats all over the Netherlands. A product was only approved if at least 80% of the cats in the test panel gave it the paws up. That's worth trying then?


Happy dog, happy pet parent!


"Our dog loves your salmon strips and bones. She'll do absolutely anything for them! The advantage of your snacks is they are very nutritious with no added rubbish, just 100% natural."


Tasty and nutritious. What more do you want? 🐶

We are very proud of our products, and we obviously want to know what your pet thinks of our snacks and biscuits. Share your experience with us on Facebook!