Frequently asked questions

As a pet parent, you want to look after your pet as well as possible. We are happy to help by sharing our knowledge and answering all your pet dilemmas. To make things easier, we have listed the most frequently asked questions. Can't find your question? Please feel free to contact us.


The amount of food you may give your dog or cat varies according to the product and depends on the size of your pet. Check the packaging for specific nutritional advice.

Pets Unlimited does not currently have dry cat food, but it does have delicious meals and cat snacks. Our meals contain all the nutrients your cat needs, and these can be combined with any dried food.

Pets Unlimited dog biscuits and meals are an ideal combination. The meals are packed with meat and healthy animal by-products. They contain substances which contribute to a healthy digestion. The meal is therefore a welcome supplement to the biscuits. Due to the many flavour options, the meals also provide welcome variety in the diet.

Pets Unlimited meals are ideal for any dog, even if they are on a diet. All the products only contain natural sugars and salts. For dogs with diabetes, Pets Unlimited Meals are ideal because they do not contain sugar. And the Pets Unlimited dog biscuits can help your pet maintain a healthy weight because of the high ratio of fresh meat in these biscuits.

Yes of course. Cats are usually pickier, but you can vary our flavours and snacks. The Pets Unlimited Dog Biscuits are available in the flavours Lamb, Chicken and Salmon. All three are complete animal foods which together also provide sufficient nutrients. However, varying may involve more risk of thinner poo.

Pets Unlimited dog biscuits are suitable for dogs older than 14 weeks.

Ingredients & Preparation

Pets Unlimited meals and dog biscuits are gluten free. The meals for cats are both gluten free and grain free.

Each product has a different amount of salt and sugar. Pets Unlimited meals only contain natural sugars and salts. If you have a question about a specific product, please contact us.

The Pets Unlimited biscuits are extruded. Because it is harder, dogs need to chew more on an extruded biscuit.

The difference between pressed biscuits and extruded biscuits:

When biscuits are extruded, they are heated to above 100 degrees Celsius. Steam is used for this. Pressed biscuits are prepared at a temperature below 90 degrees Celsius. The temperature is not high enough to gelatinise the grains in the biscuit. Grains are therefore gelatinised beforehand to make them digestible in pressed biscuits. This is not necessary in extruded biscuits, because the temperature is high enough to gelatinise the grains.


After opening, Pets Unlimited meals can be kept in the fridge for 3 days. The meals can also be frozen.

All Pets Unlimited meals are steamed and vacuum packed. This not only preserves the nutrients, but the unopened meals can also be kept outside the fridge.

Loyalty programme

You may have noticed, but Pets Unlimited packaging no longer has savings points. Unfortunately, there was not enough support for the savings points programme.

Obviously, the programme will continue while the saving points are still in circulation, because the transition from Best For Your Friend to Pets Unlimited will be gradual.

So, hand in your savings points as soon as possible via our webshop. We will soon be supplementing these with new items, discount codes and the option to use the points to donate to Stichting dierenlot.

So long as there are still in circulation, we will process them as usual.

You can find details about how the savings points programme works here

Name change

Best For Your Friend is the #1 in dog snacks in the Netherlands. Which naturally makes us super proud! But wouldn't it be nice if we could make dogs and cats happy all over Europe with our snacks and nutrition?

With the Pets Unlimited brand, we were already making big strides in France, England, Spain, Germany and Belgium, among others. So, we decided to continue as one brand. This will allow us to focus even more on developing our snacks and nutrition.

In a word: no! The Pets Unlimited products are the same in terms of packaging and recipes as those of Best For Your Friend. Same packaging, same high quality, just a different name.

Some products may no longer be available with Pets Unlimited. These are items which were not popular enough and which are now making way for new tasty products.

You may recognise them: the Best For Your Friend products in the green packaging? This is our product line for rodents, reptiles and birds. These products will remain under Best For Your Friend.

Only the dog and cat snacks are switching to the Pets Unlimited brand.