Our story

Every Pet Parent knows it: true love has four legs. Love is that tail wagging when you play together, that sparkle in their eyes when you finally get home after a long day, or when you both cuddle up on the sofa to watch your favourite series (with tasty snacks for you and your fur baby 😉). Every Pet Parent knows that a wet nose in your neck, a comforting paw on your leg or a loving head against your knee are all signs of unconditional love. Love which is there for you in bad times too. When you need comfort or a safe space. No judgement or criticism, just the two of you together. And yes, that love is still there when you find your favourite cushion in shreds all over the floor.

Like you, we are Pet Parents too. We understand how much love we feel for our furry family members. So, obviously only the best is good enough for your faithful friend. High quality, healthy snacks and food made from natural ingredients - and packed with flavour. Really good food that gives your pet everything they need.

Products that make us super proud: a reward, treat or snack that immediately sparks joy and visible contentment in those kind eyes. From your dog's wagging tail to a chorus of orchestral cat miaows.

So tasty, but can it be good? Yes, it can!

Our secret might be a cliché, but we really put a whole lot of love into our recipes. We take great care to select only the very best and most nutritional ingredients. And your dog or cat can taste that!

·        Quality meat and fish

·        Grain-free

·        No sugar or salt

·        No artificial aromas, colourings or flavourings

As natural and fresh as possible. Which is not just yummy, but also better for the tummy.

Pet Parents since 1998

For over 24 years, we have worked passionately and with great enjoyment on developing excellent pet products. In 1998, we launched the Best For Your Friend brand in the Netherlands. With Best, we won the hearts of many pets. Why? Because you realised that our snacks and food had the quality which you only thought you could find in a specialty pet shop.

Our mission has therefore always been to make premium quality pet snacks and food available to everyone. In your local supermarket.

Extensively tested by our Pets panel

How do we know what is the very best for your pet? With 24 years of know-how, we can obviously create good, tasty recipes. But there's only one opinion that really counts. Meet Bailey. Our office dog, comforter, therapist, mascot and critical tester.

When we are sure that a product meets all the quality requirements, Bailey and his canine or feline friends put it to the taste test. We will only put the product in the supermarket once it meets their overwhelming approval. Guaranteed success with the #1 snacks in the Netherlands, and we are very proud of that.