Typical and crazy dog behaviours explained!

Why do dogs always love rolling in dirt? What does that strange look in their eyes mean, and why do they sometimes race through the house like a maniac? Typical dog behaviour explained!

Let's take a look

The love of bad smells
After a long bath or a visit, your pup looks ravishing - until they start rolling in the mud or poop ... Rolling in unpleasant scents can be a characteristic that has been passed down by their ancestors. The smell of rotting meat meant a meal, for example, which was therefore positive.

Also rolling in poop or other unpleasant scents could mask their own scent. In this way, they try to prevent potential prey from smelling the dog, because that could mean them missing out on a meal. Camouflage is key.

Those mad ten minutes
For no apparent reason, some dogs suddenly get a huge boost of energy and go wild. The reason for this depends on the dog. They may become loud and restless when they are tired. It may also be a way of getting rid of pent-up energy or stress. Perhaps your dog is triggered by enthusiasm or boredom, or they aren't getting enough exercise or mental stimulation.

Why is my dog showing the whites of his eyes?

This indicates that your dog feels uncomfortable, nervous or even afraid. Your dog is also indicating that they want you to do something about what is making them feel uncomfortable. You are their guardian angel. So, try to help them and don't punish them for this behaviour. If you can't change the situation, remove your dog from the situation.

What are you staring at?
As a dog parent, you will recognise that intense, hard stare. You are relaxing reading a book, and you feel you're being watched. Probably, your dog wants something that only you can provide. Something nice to eat, a hug or even a game outside!

Does your dog tilt their head while staring at you? They are probably confused and are trying to work out what you want them to do. Are you in the middle of training and your dog is staring at you with a tilted head? In that case, they probably haven't understood you.

The intense, direct stare is a clear warning that you are about to be bitten. Are you approaching a dog to stroke them or remove something from their mouth, and you get that intense stare? And is their tail stiff, their body completely still, mouth closed and head low? Move away, because this is a clear warning.

Perhaps your dog is looking deep into your eyes because they love you. They may be gently wagging their tail, panting softly and have relaxed ears. Cute!

You see, our dog can tell us a great deal with all these gestures!