Dit is de alttext bij een plaatje

This is what your dog or cat is saying to you

We usually talk to our animals in human language, and they often guess what we are saying based on our tone of voice. But did you know that your cat or dog also talks to you in their own way? Read on to discover how your pet communicates with you.

Let's take a look

Talking dogs
Dogs use their mouths to communicate. Not just by barking or growling - the lips and teeth play a big role too. An aggressive or frightened dog pulls their lips up to show their teeth. Interesting fact: a dog can 'laugh' at their pet parent! You'll see them sitting quietly, panting with their mouth half open and tongue hanging out. The tongue can also act to calm the dog. If a dog doesn't feel comfortable, they try to soothe themselves by licking your face or hands, for example.

Ears are not just for hearing
Your cat's ears speak volumes about how they feel. If your cat is curious, their ears will point forward. Dogs also respond in the same way when they see something interesting. If your dog feels anxious or submissive, they will lay their ears flat against their head. Cats do this too.

Wagging tails and friendly question marks

Dominant dogs keep their wagging tails high, while relaxed dogs hold their tails in a relaxed U shape. When a dog is excited, their whole body shows their excitement. Their ears and body are relaxed, they have a relaxed, non-staring gaze and its tail wags happily.

A cat can use their tail to let everyone know whether they want them to approach or not. Is a cat happy to see you or curious? In that case, their tail will shoot upwards. When your cat feels relaxed and is happy, their tail is vertical with the tip curling down like a U or a question mark.

Relaxed stares and winks
What a cat wants to say is also reflected in the size of the eyes and pupils. When they are alert and feel comfortable, the cat's eyes are wide open. If their pupils are also narrow, this means that your cat is agitated. Do they have their eyes tightly closed and are their ears and body tense? The cat is then angry or afraid.

A relaxed cat has sleepy eyes, a calm demeanour and droopy eyelids. Sometimes your cat will also give you a slow wink with both eyes. This is a cat kiss and means that it feels totally at ease with you. In dogs too, a calm demeanour and droopy eyelids mean that they feel good. Alert or aggressive dogs have their eyes wide open.

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