When and how often should I feed my pet?

A full bowl all day, two meals or several smaller portions: how often do you feed your pet? A dilemma for many pet parents. No animal is the same, so there's no single answer. But we're here to help you!

Every pet is different

Hungry dogs: rest and regularity

A dog is a creature of habit. Regularity makes your dog happier and more confident. So, it's important that they get their food at regular times too. It's often recommended to feed an adult dog once in the morning and once in the evening. Always make sure that your dog has fresh water, preferably a clean bowl at each meal. Water can be left out all day.

Dog biscuits more than twice

Not all dogs can manage with two meals. For example, small dogs have a faster metabolism and burn energy more quickly than a large Labrador. These small dogs are therefore better with three meals a day. The same applies to puppies: these little dynamos quickly use up all their energy with all that playing and running around. Three meals not only boost their energy levels, but also promote healthy growth and development. Very large dogs also struggle with two meals a day. These big boys tend to suffer from bloating or a sensitive stomach. It's therefore a good idea to divide bigger meals into several smaller portions spread over the day.

Catering for cats
In the wild, a cat hunts small prey like mice and birds several times a day. Instead of one big buffet, the wild cat eats several smaller meals. Whether a pet cat also needs that depends on its routine. A cat is a creature of habit too, but unlike dogs, cats are slightly more flexible in how often and how much food they want. Some cats don't even finish their bowl in one sitting.

It's therefore important to consider the pattern they're used to. If your cat has always been given two meals a day, don't suddenly switch to four smaller meals. Your cat is used to this amount and plans their day around it. They know exactly how much they eat and how much energy it gives them

Several small portions of cat food

It's best to encourage your cat from a kitten to eat several small portions during the day. Like puppies, kittens have small stomachs, a fast metabolism and they quickly burn their energy. To maintain their energy levels and promote good development and growth, it's a good idea to give a kitten a small portion of food at least four times a day. As your kitten matures, you can gradually switch to three or four meals a day.