Afbeelding met kusje van hond - Pets Unlimited hondensnacks

Why is Pets Unlimited food so good for your dog?

You obviously only want the best dog food for your dog. And our dog biscuits or meals are ideal. Read on! 

The benefits at a glance

Intestines and bladder
Our dog biscuits contain various ingredients which support the health of your faithful friend. The high proportion of fresh meat or fish they contain is not just super nutritious, it also ensures a delicious aroma and taste. The dog biscuits also contain a mix of vegetables, pulses and fruit. Like locust beans, which are a source of fibre and promote bowel function. You'll also find peas, which contain a lot of protein, fibre, vitamins B1, B2 and C and minerals, calcium and iron. The cranberry in our biscuits has a positive effect on the bladder: it cleanses and increases immunity. This considerably reduces the risk of a bladder infection or urinary tract infection!

A healthy coat
Another ingredient in both the dry dog biscuits and meals is salmon oil. Salmon oil contains omega 3 and 6, which is good for the skin, coat and joints. When we introduced the dog biscuits, we set up a test panel and asked the testers about the effect of the salmon oil on their dogs' coats. Nearly half of the testers saw a positive effect. Since feeding their dogs our biscuits, their coats have been glossier, felt softer and their dog had less itchy skin.

Suitable for animals with food sensitivities
Our dog biscuits are also suitable for dogs with a food allergy. The dog biscuits only contain one animal protein: lamb, salmon or chicken. The biscuits are also gluten free: they contain rice and maize as sources of grain. This reduces the risk of the dog developing an allergy to these biscuits. The steamed meals for dogs (and cats!) are also suitable for sensitive pets: these meals are hypoallergenic and contain brown rice instead of wheat.

Healthy composition
Our steamed meals are suitable as a complete food for your dog. They not only contain meat or fish, but like the biscuits, added vegetables too. Because dogs also need fibre and vitamins from vegetables to stay healthy. Our steamed meals ensure that dogs get a complete meal.

And the best food for your cat too!
We also have steamed meals with fish and meat for cats. The composition of these meals is very pure. For example, the steamed meal with tuna only contains tuna and fish bouillon. No flavourings are added, because tuna has enough flavour by itself. The bouillon provides the meal with plenty of liquid so that your cat gets extra fluids. This is particularly important in summer, when your cat needs more fluids.

As you can see, we've really considered the composition of our meals and biscuits. With our meals, you can be sure that your dog or cat is getting the right nutrients. Reassuring!