Meet the team

Our Pets 😽

You may think that there's a really big professional team behind Pets Unlimited. Our products are available at home and abroad, we regularly exhibit at big trade fairs, and we are always adding new tasty treats to our assortment. We are certainly professional, but... our pet family only consists of 12 people! Meet our product testers and the very best pet friends.


Position: Expert cat snacks

Bizzey has been testing our products for 5 years. Madam is rather picky and doesn't like surprises.

No product finds its way to the shelves without her approval.

Favourite product: Deli strips tuna


Position: Mood maker and Christmas expert

Guus is always in for a cuddle and some fun. Every day is a party for him, and he will be happy to help you find a tasty snack.

Favourite product: Twister large


Position: Expert dog snacks

Bailey is notorious for the chaos he creates as office dog, but he takes his job as snack expert very seriously.

Everything is extensively tested by him.

Favourite product: Shaslik sticks beef


Position: Chew expert

Koos likes to keep his teeth clean, so loves chew sticks.

Of course, when testing every chew snack, he checks whether they clean his teeth properly.

Favourite product: Tricolor chewy sticks large


Position: Snack seller

Pieper lives life with the energy of ten, so gets through a lot of snacks.

With all this snack knowledge, he knows how to sell snacks.

Favourite product: Chewy sticks salmon


Position: Taste tester

Ollie is very choosy when it comes to flavours. No tasteless snacks for him.

He tests each snack extensively to check that the taste is perfect.

Favourite product: Steak Filet chicken


Position: Crispness tester

Bailey is our biscuit expert, and particularly how crisp they need to be!

He tests each biscuit extensively to check that it has the right crispness.

Favourite product: Dog biscuits lamb


Position: World traveller

Belle loves exploring and discovering new things.

This means she always knows the latest trends and info relating to snacks and pets.

Favourite product: Deli drink tuna


Position: Friend finder

Luna may be small, but she has the biggest heart. She loves nothing more than playing with her canine and feline friends. So, the perfect Facebook and Instagram boss!

Favourite product: Grillers chicken


Position: Snack sniffer

Jan is the most inquisitive dog in the world, always sniffing.

No surprise then that he always discovers the best new snacks!

Favourite product: Steak sticks salmon small