10x mysterious cat behaviours explained

Cats are mysterious creatures with their own language and ways. Read here what they mean!

Let's take a look

My cat rolls over the ground
A cat's stomach is the most vulnerable part of their body. By rolling on the ground, he's trying to tell you: I like sitting next to you on the ground and you have permission to stroke my head.

My cat lifts their backside when I stroke him
This means that your cat trusts you. Cats only sniff each other's backsides when they are best friends. It's a bit like a human hug or a kiss.

My cat buries their poop
By burying their waste, a cat can try to hide their presence from predators. Other cats can smell it too. A dominant cat can see the scent as a threat to its territory. To prevent a fight, the cat buries their poop.

My cat brings home dead animals
A cat is a born mouser. Which means that your cat may sometimes proudly return home with its catch. Mother cats also bring home prey home for their young. So, your cat sees you as family.

My cat eats grass. Are they vegetarian?

Blades of grass or leaves are supposed to contain important substances like folic acid and fibre, which help them spit out hairballs. Don't worry if you see your cat nibbling leaves. Just make sure that the plants aren't poisonous!

My cat loves boxes, not the bed I got him

Small spaces like boxes make your cat feel safe. A cat doesn't like feeling exposed in an open space. Which is why cats like sitting high up, in a cupboard or on the stairs, for example.

My cat knocks everything onto the ground
A cat is inquisitive, and their paws are sensitive. By touching something, they learn more about the object. Or your cat may just be bored and wants to play.

My cat scratches my sofa/leg/arm/floor
When your cat was a kitten, it used its paws to knead its mother's stomach to stimulate the flow of milk. Scientists think that older cats knead soft surfaces because they are feeling just as happy as when they were feeding from their mother. Cute!

My cat walks over my keyboard, sits on my newspaper and knocks the phone out of my hand, all at the same time!
Do you spend a lot of time on your phone? Your cat might be feeling jealous. If your cat tries to sit on your lap while you're reading the paper or knocks the game controller out of your hand, these are ways of getting attention.

My cat runs around the room like a maniac
This is normal behaviour for a cat that has too much energy. Some cats do this at night, because this is when their hunting instinct is activated.