7 tips for an unforgettable birthday for your pet

Your dog or cat is much more than an animal: they are a member of the family. Other family members celebrate their birthdays, so why not our pets? With tasty snacks, fun activities and visitors, you can organise a great party for your pet!


Our tips

Gifts for your dog or cat
A birthday is a perfect moment to buy a nice scratching post or lovely collar. Or surprise your pet with fun toys. Check this blog to see why that's a good idea!

Themed party
A themed party is great fun. Is your dog full of energy who loves nothing more than running across the field? Why not hold the party there? Does your cat love cuddles? Put out lots of cushions and enjoy a relaxed pamper party.

Save the date
The next step is to send the invitations. If you have a dog, you can invite all their canine friends. Cats are less keen on visits from their own kind. Your dog or cat doesn't much like visitors? Keep the party small or private.

Festive dog snacks and cat treats
Particularly on their birthday, you want the best dog snacks or cat treats for your pet. But if you want to make it really special, get your dog a delicious dog cake! You can spoil your cat with delicious bonbons or make a festive cake from some wet food. A chew bone for the dog or kitten treats are other good ideas!

Photos as souvenirs

Organise an unforgettable party and take photos of the birthday pet. Create a small studio with nice props (as well as some dog biscuits and cat treats to distract them for a few moments) and get clicking! Here are some photography tips for your pet.

Animal-friendly games for everyone
Your dog or cat obviously won't sit down chatting all afternoon. It's much more fun to play games. Play hide-the-treat with your dog or cat or play fetch or frisbee with all the dogs. 

Quality post-party time
When everyone has left, it's time for some extra quality time. First give your dog or cat the best dog or cat food and spend an hour playing with them or making a fuss of them. Go for a long walk with the dog or let your cat have fun with some catnip. This will end the day with an (animal friendly) 'bang'!

Celebratory treats🎈