Cat at home


What does your cat do while you’re away?

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. But what does your cat do while you’re away? Are they getting into mischief or are they napping all day? You can never be sure, but let’s explore some possible scenario’s.

Morning ritual

A cat has a very different daily rhythm than their human housemates. Where we are mainly busy during the day with work or school, cats prefer to be active during the twilight hours of the morning and evening. They preserve energy by sleeping through the hotter hours of the day, but they also sleep away most of the night. Interestingly, cats do partly adapt to their owner’s rhythm. When you get up early, your cat will also want to eat earlier than when you get up at nine.

As soon as you leave the house in the morning, your cat will start making their rounds. Cats are curious creatures and will want to know if there is anything new in the house. Is there a new pillow on the sofa, or a stray bite of food under the television cabinet? Some cats will even collect little treasures. Check under the couch or behind a book case; there might be an interesting collection of bottle caps and cotton buds. Cats that are allowed to go outside will expand their investigation to their outdoor territory as well. Which cats or other animals have passed through during the night?

After all this effort, your kitty will be hungry. Many cats like to eat only when they are alone. Their instincts tell them they should watch out for other predators that might steal their food, so they’ll be more comfortable eating alone.

Cat at home



After they’ve polished off their meal, it’s time for a nap. Cats can sleep for as much as 12 to 16 hours a day, but they rarely go into a deep sleep. For the most part, they’re resting but still listening to every little sound, meaning they can be ready and alert when danger approaches or a potential prey strolls by. So, while we are slaving away at the office, our furry friends are taking one nap after the other. We’re jealous.

That much sleepy time means that your cat needs to stimulate their blood flow regularly. Vigorous and frequent stretching is a favourite pastime of many kitties, and you’ve probably seen them do the most advanced yoga poses. The Sun Salutation is a fixed part of of your cat’s daily routine.

Happy you’re home

As the day progresses, your cat may get a little bored. Naptime is done, and the house has had a thorough inspection, so it’s time for you to get home already. Sometimes, they do a great job of pretending otherwise, but cats are very social animals. Keep your feline friend indoors, and they may get a little lonely. Once you are home, give them loads of attention and play with them. It’s fun for both of you and healthy for your cat.

How a cat behaves when home alone is determined for the most part by their character. One cat will be content to pass the time with eating and sleeping, while others may get bored and lonely. In any case, it’s important to not leave them alone for long periods of time. Are you going on a weekend trip? Arrange a pet sitter or someone to check up on them every day. Cats may seem like badasses, but in reality, they are sensitive creatures.