Tips for an entertaining Christmas with your cat or dog

During the Christmas period, many people are spending at least a few days at home. In between the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holidays, our cats and dogs will be getting lots of extra attention! Here are some tips on how to spend quality time with your pet!

Take nice walks with your dog

Spending entire days with close and extended family during the holidays will make some people long for a wee break, and your dog doesn’t mind helping you out at all! Take them on a long walk in the woods or a park. Before you set off together, read our blog about the scents your dog picks up along the way. We will help you understand why he has to sniff every tree, bush and twig within sight.

Cosy sofa time with your cat

Do you think your cat sees you as their employee? Fortunately, that is not the case. Cats simply show their love differently than us (or dogs). For example, sometimes, when a cat lies quietly and looks at you, they may slowly blink their eyes. They are not only saying they trust you, but also that they are enjoying your company. A kitty kiss!

Will you be having a Christmas movie marathon on the sofa during the holidays? While you’re doing that, take some time to brush your cat, as it’s a great way to forge a bond.

Christmas 2


Play games with your cat or dog

Our pets love playing with their human parents. So, when you need a break from Christmas visitors and festivities, take a moment to play with your pet. Hide a snack under a paper cup and let your dog find the treat. Some cats go crazy for catnip: they either get a little nutty, or superchilled. That’s why many cat toys contain catnip.

Make gorgeous photos of your cat or dog

Does every picture you make of your cat look the same? Or can’t seem to manage to get them in the frame at all? Read these tips from our photographer. Sneak peek: “Try another point of view: lie down on the floor or elevate yourself with a step stool. Sometimes that will change the picture completely.”

Christmas 3


Wintery tips for dog and cat

When the temperature drops, and there’s a chance of snow and ice, there are some things dog and cat owners should be aware of. Be careful with brine on dog paws and make sure your cat doesn’t take a nap under the car.