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Pet sitter

Going travelling? Take your cat or dog to a sitter

Every pet parent knows how incredibly practical it is to have a set address that you can bring your pet to in case of holiday or emergency. It takes away a lot of the preparation stress that comes with travelling. However, what can you do when your usual pet carer is suddenly unable to help you out, or friends and family live too far away? You’ll have to come up with a new plan. Many pet lovers aren’t keen on pet hotels, but there is also no way you’ll leave them home alone. That’s why the world invented pet sitters!


Why cats go crazy for catnip

There are tons of viral videos circulating the internet showing cats utterly in love with catnip. Some cats get frisky, and others become languid. Maybe you’ve tried it on your cat already. But why is this herb such a feline favourite? We’ve investigated for you.

Photos pets

How to make the best photos of your dog or cat

We talked to our photographer about how to take the best photos of a dog or cat. She has shot dozens of pictures of our Bailey the Office Dog, so she knows better than most what to pay attention to. Do you want to make the perfect picture of your dog or cat? Read on and get started right away. We’d love to see the results!

Pet-proof garden

How to pet-proof your garden

While you are designing your balcony or garden, it’s easy to take the needs of your cat or dog into account. You can organise the space in such a way that your pet can stay there safely and enjoy your outside space with you. So, how do you pet-proof your garden or balcony?

New food

How to transition your pet to new food in 4 easy steps

Both dogs and cats are very much creatures of habit. They prefer to eat the same thing every day: the same familiar kibble. As a pet parent, at times, you may want to give them something new. Your pet may not respond to their usual meals as well as usual, or you want to switch to a new kind of dry food and want to give your pet a healthy steamed meal by Best for your Friend. To make sure you ease your pet into eating the new food and is happy about it, follow this handy step-by-step plan.


Things to keep in mind when you take your dog camping

So you have decided to take your dog camping. Awesome! But what does that mean for your holiday prep? What should you take with you and which things do you have to arrange beforehand? We’ve collected some tips that will help you prepare for a successful holiday.

Bothersome beasties 1

Spring: the season of bothersome beasties

Your cat goes out to explore by themselves, and you take your dog out for a stroll. However, you aren’t the only ones enjoying the season, outside is also teeming with bugs such as ticks, oak processionary caterpillars and worms. Critters you don’t want to discover making themselves comfortable on your pet. So what are the most common spring bugs?

Outside 1

How to introduce your dog or cat to the great outdoors

With the improving spring weather, the moment will come for your cat to go outside for the first time, or for you to train your dog to walk off leash. How do you handle such a thing?


3 Tips for supporting your pet during winter

Winter is a wonderful season for exploring the great outdoors. Winter can be a splendid season for pets. First, you get to play in the snow; followed by cosy cuddles on the sofa with your pet parent. However, there are some things you need to be aware of when you take your pet outside. Read on for some tips for keeping your four-legged friends healthy during winter.

Swimming 1

Take a cooling swim with your dog!

The hot summer weather is the perfect excuse to take a nice dive. Just as people, dogs enjoy cooling off in water. As dogs don’t sweat, swimming is a good way to make sure your four legged friend stays at a good temperature. Before diving in, you should take a few things into account. But more importantly: where can you take your dog to enjoy some refreshing water.

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