This is how you deal with (the hair of) a pet in moult

Sep 01 2022

This is how you deal with (the hair of) a pet in moult

The change of seasons also means mountains with hair on the floor: your four-legged friend is moulting! How do you get rid of that hair easily? Read on for all the moulting facts and tips.

Why is my pet moulting?

All furry animals (and people) lose hair all year round, but there are two periods a year when your pet loses a lot more hair. These periods in spring and autumn are called the moult and last about 3 to 4 weeks. Think of it like a wardrobe change: just like with humans, dogs and cats exchange their summer coats for their winter coats, and vice versa.

The fur of cats and dogs is a little different than the hair on our heads. Your pet has a double coat: an outer coat and an undercoat. In the spring, the undercoat becomes thin, with a breathable outer coat, so your pet stays cool. In the fall, the undercoat becomes denser and more covering, with longer hairs in the outer coat. Nice and warm!

What to do about all that hair?

You can already reduce the amount of hair on the floor by brushing your dog or cat regularly. You then comb out the dead hair and skin cells from the fur before they have a chance to swirl around your house. Regular brushing also ensures that the dead hairs cannot cause itching and you comb the natural oils over the coat, so that it remains in good condition.

But even if you brush regularly, tufts of hair still appear in the house. During the moulting period you will have to vacuum regularly to keep things a bit fresh. Wash the baskets more often or knock them outside for a while. You can easily remove stubborn hairs that stick to your clothes or furniture with a clothes roller. What also works is a rubber window wiper or rubber household gloves. Make it a little moist and go over the couch with it. You brush all the hair together.

Healthy food, healthy skin, healthy coat

The coat usually shows the health of your pet. If the coat is dull and dry, he is (literally) not feeling well. For a healthy dog ​​or cat, and with it a healthy coat, you need a high-quality, balanced dog food and dog snacks or cat food and cat treats with good ingredients. If your pet has a healthy coat, you will also notice that it sheds a lot less.

There are a number of ingredients that make an extra positive contribution to the health of the skin and coat. Foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help keep the coat shiny and healthy. Salmon is an ingredient rich in these fatty acids. That is why we have also added salmon oil to our dog food (and even launched a salmon variant!). Salmon also predominates in some of our snacks, such as the salmon strips for dogs and the deli line for cats. So give your pet a tasty and super healthy extra, especially during the moulting period!