Candy wise: responsible snacking for pets

Sep 01 2022

Candy wise: responsible snacking for pets

Of course your dog or cat loves a tasty treat, but just like with people, too many snacks for dogs and snacks for cats are not good. In this blog you can read everything about responsible snacking!

Dog snacks and cat treats: what should I pay attention to?

First of all, pay attention to the number of calories: a dog or cat has a recommended calorie intake. This intake consists of both the daily diet and the snacks in between. A maximum of 10% of the daily calorie intake may consist of snacks. Do the math!

Always check the ingredients list as well.

Many snacks are packed with unnecessary ingredients, such as sugar and salt. Also avoid artificial additives, such as colors, fragrances and flavors. You're always in the right place with our snacks: they are packed with meat and fish and contain no artificial additives. You can also spoil your dog with a chew bone: not only tasty, but it will keep him busy and his teeth maintained! For cats we have delicious delicups, packed with healthy ingredients.

How often can I spoil my pet with snacks?

It's very tempting to give in to your dog's or cat's pleading eyes, but snacking should remain a reward for pets. A snack is an ideal motivation during training or to teach good behavior, but also the following applies: do not give too many snacks. Many people reward a pet with a snack every time it performs a command correctly. You then get the problem that your pet only executes the command for the snack, and not for you. Therefore, alternate the way of rewarding during training. One time a snack, the other time a big hug.

You can train good behavior with food, but unintentionally we also reward a lot of bad behavior with food. A good example is begging. If you regularly give your cat or dog something under the dinner table during dinner, you can bet that they will get into the habit of waiting under the dinner table begging. Also, do not give them snacks at set times, as there is a high chance that this will lead to begging. Rewarding them for this bad behavior makes them think they will always get something if they exhibit that behavior.

Snacking while playing

Another fun way to use snacks is while playing. For example, you have many toys for cats and dogs in which you can hide dog biscuits and snacks and treats for cats. The quest for the treats will keep your pet physically and mentally healthy. Ideal for those rainy days when they are indoors a lot. For cats, you can also tie a treat on a string or throw it around the room to make her run. For dogs, you can play sniffing games by hiding the snacks in the room or in the garden.